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Hi, I've bought a copy of your source code. There are two major problems. 

1. The music is muted. I do not know if you disabled it intentionally since you  have announced there is copyright problem here.

2.  The collision detecting have some serious problem. The bug is very hard to describe here only in text.

Since the engine have updated to 2.3 edition and force all legacy project to transform to adapt it.  That may result in some serious problems. But I've seen the time-stamp of source code and project differs ( 2018 / 2020 ). Is that you have updated project but forgot the source code ?

Any reply will be appreciate.

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Hi! Thanks for reaching out.

So, for the music, you have to add new tracks, as the one I have in the game are made by someone else I added tracks with no sound, you just have to replace the files in the engine with the music you want.

As for the collision problem it might be a bug from the upgrade to the 2.3 version. I did not update the project in any major way ever since the release, so not sure I would be able to help you.

If it's not working out with the new version feel free to ask for a refund, it's completely understandable.

Please note that the name 'Tetris' is trademarked. Be careful, especially when earning money with this, because the Tetris Company can sue you. That you're offering the game for free does not make a difference. I would advise to protect yourself and rename it.

Thanks for the advice! Yeah, it was such a small project and I wasn't selling the game directly that I thought it wouldn't be too much of a problem, but I guess you're right.

I'll try to think of some other name.

It probably won't. But better safe (and legal) than sorry  :)

did you lose your acount