Short game made for a university project using Unity. You play as an explorer searching for a treasure in an underwater cave.

Your objective is to get the treasure and get back to your submarine, while avoiding the fish and the sea mines.

How To Play

  • Movement: W,A,S,D / Left Analog Stick
  • Swin Faster: Space / A
  • Shoot: Left Mouse Button / Right Trigger
  • Pause: Escape / Start

The assets used in the game were:

--- Art Assets ---

  • Underwater Diving by ansimuz (Luis Zuno)
  • Pixel Art Free Games by Kronbits (Davit Masia)

--- Music ---

  • Sad Emotional Piano Music by Gaming Sound FX

--- Sound Effects ---


  • Felippe Matheo
  • Lucas Nazato
  • Victor Armbruster

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file and run the game.


Deep Treasure [PC].zip 25 MB

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