This is a random maze generator tool made for GameMaker Studio 1.4 and 2.0. It currently has the following features:

  • 3 algorithms for maze generation:
    • Recursive Backtracking
    • Prim
    • Growing Tree
  • Add/remove border
  • Add/remove entrances on all 4 sides of the maze
  • Control width and height  separately
  • Supports different tile sizes
  • Fits into room size


  • Width and height must be odd numbers
  • Room width/height aspect ratio must be the same one as the maze*

The tool is composed of 3 scripts (one for each algorithm) and some macros. In the project below there will be additional content, as tiles, objects and rooms, in order to provide examples on how to use the scripts. 

More info in the Instructions section.

*This only applies if you are not using views and wish the maze to take the whole room without looking stretched


A simple tutorial on how to create one of the algorithms in GameMaker:


This project was developed completely by me, but it was made possible through these tutorials:

Future Updates

  • Create a documentation/instruction document to better explain the contents of the project

Any feedback/criticism is welcome. I'm available for questions if you have any.


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[GMS1.4]Random Maze Generator_v3.gmz 15 kB
[GMS2]Random Maze Generator_v3.yyz 166 kB

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