Fixes / Faster algorithms


Lately I've been working on an demo to be uploaded directly to the page that will allow anyone to test the algorithms functionality and see how each one of them operates.

In the process I fixed a mistake in the Recursive Backtracking algorithm where the break statement for the Repeat loop responsible for the maze generation was not being activated when the maze was completed, meaning the loop kept going unnecessarily, slowing down the process, specially if the number of repetitions was too high.

Also, I've added another step to both Recursive and Growing Tree, that are not completely necessary, but definitely make them faster and less reliant on the random chance of choosing the right path to progress the maze. Of course, the mazes are still completely random.

And soon enough I'll add the  demo to the page. In the demo you will be able to see the maze being created, step by step, and I guarantee that this makes the tool way more interesting and cooler!

See you soon!


Random Maze Generator_v3.gmz 15 kB
Jan 23, 2018

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