GMS 2 Version Added

Hi, everyone!

Recently I started using GameMaker Studio 2 and decided to update the project so that it works in this version too! The only change from the GMS 1.4 version is the way that tiles are added, but other than that it should be the same.

Also, I plan in the future to add this project as an extension, instead of being just an export, meaning that you will be able to add it directly to your project, instead of having to copy/paste the code and, I will make it available in the GameMaker Marketplace. When I do so, I'll let you guys know with a devlog, so if you're interested, consider following me!



[GMS1.4]Random Maze Generator_v3.gmz 15 kB
Feb 24, 2018
[GMS2]Random Maze Generator_v3.yyz 166 kB
Feb 24, 2018

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